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30,24 EUR*
Details Hot Off The Press Stahl Teresa 's Metall DVD

HOT OFF THE PRESS-Teresa's Moveable Part DVD. 100 Movable Parts Cards by Teresa Welch. Shakers; spinners; swingers; sliders; pop-ups and pull-ups. On this computer DVD; Teresa Welch shares 50 techniques with 100 cards that shake; spin; swing; slide ...

59,38 EUR*
Details Hot Off The Press - Teresa's Card Classes DVD #2

Dies ist ein CD ROM, sie lernen, Karten zu machen, zu helfen,+

50,70 EUR*
Details Presse Citron Wandregal, lackiertes Blech, Grau

Wandregal Blech lackiert um Ihre Bücher, CD, DVD, etc.... Schrauben im Lieferumfang enthalten

27,47 EUR*
Details Thread's Industry Insider Techniques DVD, Vol. 4

TAUNTON PRESS-Threads Industry Insider Techniques Volume 4. This DVD will show you how to get a better fit using tricks of the trade. Follow along as instructor Louise Cutting reveals couture secrets gained from years working in the industry and ...

26,03 EUR*
Details Maji Desuka Suka! [Type d]

// RELEASE DATE CHANGED FROM 2011/3/23 TO 2011/4/6 // First-press-only edition. 45th single from the Japanese female idol group. Includes 2 tracks and 1 instrumental. First-press-only edition, comes with a bonus DVD.

10,74 EUR*
Details Panic Broadcast,the

First press limited edition. Brand new album from a Swedish 6-piece melodic death metal band. Comes with a bonus DVD.

45,23 EUR*
Details Virgin Snow Color:2nd Season

First press limited edition. Brand new album from a Japanese visual rock band. Type A. Includes 11 tracks. Comes with a DVD containing 1 music clip & makings.

49,58 EUR*
Details We Rule the Night

First press limited edition. Brand new album from a Swedish 6-piece HM/HR band. 4th album release. Comes with a bonus DVD featuring PV clips and live footages.

18,20 EUR*
Details Ultimate Hits (2CDs + 1DVD)

A career collection of all the hits & favourites from this country star & fastest selling artist in music history! 34 trks across a x2 Cd set plus a 33 trk Dvd compilation of vids & live footage. Specialist press ads, features & reviews + tabloids & ...

56,49 EUR*
Details Columbia Best [Ltd.Edition]

// RELEASE DATE CHANGED FROM 2011/3/30 TO 2011/4/20 // First press limited edition. Best album release from the Japanese 3-piece band. Includes best tracks selected by fans. Comes with a bonus DVD. Also best album coming out from Warner Music Japan.